Yoga and High Blood Pressure

The relaxation and exercise components of yoga have a major role to play in the treatment and prevention of high blood pressure (hypertension).

A combination of biofeedback and yogic breathing and relaxation techniques has been found to lower blood pressure and reduce the need for high blood pressure medication in people suffering from it.

The inverted poses in yoga are designed to lower blood pressure.

Research shows that when people go into an alpha brain wave state, as they do when practicing yoga, blood pressure is lowered and the heart and brain come into entrainment, when we access our highest levels of intelligence.

Please remember that there are no quick fixes in life that are any good for you in the long run. Anything that markets itself as such, please remember to read the small print.

As we clearly state throughout this site – Yoga is a practice for life and it’s true benefits come about, only through continued practice and patience.

The art of self control and focus once attained can send you to levels within yourself that you never thought possible once upon a time.