Balances Body Chemistry

When people who don’t practice yoga and are under stress continually, their bodies chemistry becomes more acidic, making it more difficult to take in oxygen. When the body is in an acidic state it also goes into a state of breakdown. It releases chemicals that are catabolic and when in a state of breakdown the blood is full of all kinds of impurities that includes a lot of toxins.

This polluted blood is transported all over the entire body including the brain giving the person that tired, cloudy hazy feeling.

It is counter productive and is a very ugly state of mind. This acidity also accumulates in the stomach and that is way people who stress out all the time eventually end up with stomach ulcers.

All this is due in fact to being in a negative state. As it has been said negativity is something that takes away from and the act of stressing takes away the quality of life from the stresser.

An unbalanced body ages faster and illnesses are on the way and it’s all down hill from there if nothing is done about it.

Yoga balances the hormonal system of the body, by producing a nice positive charge. This is very important especially for premenopausal and menopausal women who want to find ways to balance their hormones naturally.

It provides the brain with a stronger coping mechanism and aids in increased awareness within one’s self. Yoga poses are designed to exercise the endocrine system of the body therefore releasing all the good chemical compounds (drugs) that aid and abet a better sense of well being..