Yoga slows the Aging Process

Use it or you lose it!

Most people make the decision to grow old whether they know it or not. It basically comes down to the comment at the top. Use it or lose it! Old age and the associated illnesses that come with it are big business.

It is worth billions to the large medical associations for people to get old. That is why education into peoples health is so limited and basically worthless in the large scale of things.

You might say that in the western world, people are living longer but the quality of life is far from acceptable. Most old people are dosed up on all forms of medication. Is that what you want for yourself?

Prevention is the best medicine that one could invest in. That is why yoga is the greatest form of exercise there is. You use it so how could you lose it?

Yogis measure a person’s age by the flexibility of the spine. After our mid-20s, the venous supply to the disks of the spine naturally atrophies.

Through yogic exercises that bend and stretch the spine, fresh blood and nerve flow revitalize all the major glands and organs. Unlike other forms of exercise, which develop fitness by stressing the body, yoga builds strength and endurance while lowering the stress hormones that age us.