To help you get published, here’s a clue to what we look forward to receiving:

Firstly, make sure you’re not trying to submit any of this:

  • Any content for purpose of SEO
  • Sales/marketing/product reviews
  • Overly personal blogs that are not of value to others
  • Interviews/photos used without permission
  • Linking to external promotional pages within the article.

Then, send us your article, in a word.doc(x), with the following:


What kind of article titles draw you in?  Make it eye-catching!

Structure and Subheadings

Most people scan before they read an article..don’t you?

  • Structure your article into a minimum of 3 main paragraphs: introduction, main body and conclusion.
  • Break your article up making it easy to digest, using eye catching headings and subheadings.


300-1000 words per article.  Got more to say?  Consider submitting a series.


There is only one you, and we only require content as unique as you, which only appears ONCE in this online universe!  Submit 100% original content that has not been published elsewhere.


Max out at one per article, thanks.

Spelling and Grammar

Having an article with correct spelling and grammar gets you to the top of the publishing queue a lot quicker!


  • Send us the link to your suggested HORIZONTAL(landscape) image to go with your article, from and we’ll do our best to purchase it, or something similar.
  • If you’d like to submit your own image, please make sure you have full copyright permissions first!  To headline, the image MUST BE landscape, very high quality and 800px by 450px


Suggest an unlimited number of tags that will link to your article.  Not sure about tags?  Have a look at some of the published articles for ideas.

Author Bio

This is the space where you get to promote yourself, or simply tell us a bit about you eg,  name, where you live, your journey with yoga/wellness, family, hobbies, work, contact details.

This is the place to promote your own website or service.


A full head shot of you puts the personal touch to being a member of the community.

By submitting, you accept our publishing terms


Im Ready to Publish

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